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Happy Hounds is a fully enclosed, 1.5-acre secure dog walking field for you to hire exclusively to train or exercise your dog(s). Set in the countryside location of Smalley, Derbyshire; your dog can be let off their lead and be properly exercised so they can run around risk-free; and owners can relax knowing their dog is safe and secure.

The freedom field is perfect for all dogs but particularly dogs that are naturally nervous, have a poor re-call or they are still learning to socially interact. The parameter fencing is 6ft in height with small gaps preventing dogs from jumping over and smaller dog breeds escaping, making it the perfect field for most dog breeds and humans to relax and enjoy.

Owners can hire the field for either a single dog or a small group of (up to 3 dogs) per hired session. Each session lasts for 45 minutes. There is 15-minute window added on to the end of each session to enable you to secure your dog(s) into your vehicle and promptly vacate the site as to not interrupt the next booking.

There is no water available on site, but we do encourage you to bring along your own if you think this might be needed for your dog, especially on hot days. A dog waste bin is provided on site. We ask that all owners take full responsibility for picking up after their dog(s) to ensure the field is kept hygienic and clean for all to use.

Opening Hours

08:00 – 19:00 Monday – Friday

09:00 – 19:00 Saturday/Sunday or bank holidays

How To Book

All booking enquiries and payments are dealt with by Boundr booking services.

On booking a session, you automatically agree to Boundr and Happy Hounds terms and conditions. Therefore, please ensure you have read both terms and conditions carefully. 

Once you have made a booking, you will receive a confirmation email from Boundr along with a unique padlock code for you to use for your booking. This code is for your use only.  

Your booking is for 45 minutes on the field. In addition to this, a 15-minute window is added to allow you to safely secure your dog(s) back in your vehicle and leave before the next person arrives. 1 vehicle to be in the car park at any one time.

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Happy Hounds Freedom Field is sign posted and located on the A608, Heanor Road. Part of Carrington Farm but separate via a private pull in with drive through field access.  Access to the Freedom Field is through a galvanised deer gate with padlock. Sat Nav Code: DE7 6DW.

Terms and Conditions

Owners MUST keep to their hired session time (45 minutes). The 15-minute slot at the end of the session is not to carry on using the field. This is time allowed for you to safely retrieve your dog(s), secure them into your vehicle and vacate the site; so, you do not interrupt the next booking. The location of the site is on a busy main road. There is no waiting area. Owners are NOT allowed to park on the road outside or wait in front of the deer gate.  It is strictly one in, and one out.

Equally, owners MUST not arrive early for their timed session. This will cause disruption and will prevent any person inside the field from getting out safely. People may be arriving on foot so if there is no car you can see, it still doesn’t mean you can access the field before your time.

When arriving/departing via vehicle, please ensure the deer gate is opened inwards and held right back with the stopper provided. This will ensure the gate stays open for you. Otherwise, it will shut by itself which may cause damage to the gate and vehicle.

To ensure safety, when inside the field, owners MUST NOT let their dog out of their car until the gate inside the field is closed, bolted, and the inside safety latch on. For additional security owners are also recommended to padlock themselves in during their booked session.

On departure, all dogs need to be securely back in their owner’s vehicle. The gate MUST be closed and padlocked ready for the next booked session. The gate is not to be left open and MUST be closed and padlocked ready for the next person to arrive. There is only one entry and exit site to the field which is from the main road only. Once inside the field, owners will see another internal deer gate. This is for private use only by the owner.  

1 Vehicle maximum in the carpark. No parking on the grass.

Spot checks will be completed on the freedom field to ensure owners are conforming to all terms including the number of dogs on the field. If anyone does not follow the terms set out, they will be asked to leave, and you will not be able to re-book.

Any dogs as described in the Dangerous Dogs Act are NOT permitted.

Padlock codes are for your use only and MUST not be shared between owners.

All owners MUST pick up any dog waste to keep the field hygienic and clean for all to use.  A dog waste bin is provided on site. This is for dog waste only. Any additional litter must be taken away by the owner. All toys to be taken away by the owner at the end of each session.

NO smoking is permitted on the field.

All dogs are to be vaccinated and up to date with their worming schedule.

Dogs that are showing any signs of illness. For example, diarrhoea/vomiting are not to use the field.

The Owner is held responsible for ensuring and checking the field is suitable for their individual dog(s). It needs to be acknowledged that whilst the field is safe and secure, it is not a prison. If you think your dog will attempt to jump or climb the fencing or try to escape through small gaps or dig their way out, the field will not a suitable for them to use.

Dogs that are actively digging in the field MUST be stopped immediately by the owner. Any holes, digging or damage seen on the field to be reported as soon as possible to ensure safety of the field. (info@happyhoundsfreedomfield.com  / 07890228508).

Dog(s) are not to be left unattended on the field. Dogs MUST be always supervised closely by their owners.

Please be aware, that whilst using the field your dog may see other animals from time to time through the mesh fencing.  The freedom field runs parallel with agricultural land that contain animals such as horses and sheep.

Should owners have any questions or concerns about the terms and conditions, you are advised to contact before you book.  On making a booking you are agreeing to all terms and conditions.

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Contact Us

For all booking enquiries, queries,  padlock codes, help and support with any bookings, please contact directly woof@boundr.co.uk.

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